I’m usually quoting or using something that Kanye has said, but I’m upset with him right now.  So, to quote Jay-Z, “Everybody look at you strange, say you changed. Like you work that hard to stay the same. ” You don’t have to be a Jay Z fan to have heard of it because people have been using that as their Facebook and Instagram caption for years. I used to roll my eyes, but then growth happened.

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My First International Trip – Guadeloupe!

I’m about two months late posting on this, but it’s here. ha!

So, yall. My college friends always said that they will never go out of the country with me, especially with me going to the Caribbean, because I LOVE Caribbean men. Like, it’s crazy. The first thing any of my friends ask when I say I’ve met someone is, “So, where is he from?” 😂 If he just so happened to be born in NY, his parents weren’t. Look, I can’t help it.

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I Am Not My Hair (Or Lack Of).

As a woman, our hair becomes a part of us, our identity. Whether we wear it short, long, big, etc. For some of us, the longer we let it grow, the more it hurts us when we let it go. I’ve never had really long hair. I just don’t think my hair grows like that, let’s be honest here. I like shorter hair though. Well, let’s say some time ago I liked it short enough to do two-strand twists, and all of that. Something like this.

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