I went to Mexico City because of a boy. [Part 2]

Mexico City was amazing. It was my first international solo trip and there were certain things I was determined to do.

This solo trip was unlike any others because I wanted to challenge myself, which I definitely did. I visited the Frida Kahlo museum, did a tequila tasting, among many other things. The one major thing I said I couldn’t leave without doing was to climb the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan.

I was warned, by the short amount of research that I did about this hike, that you should let your body adjust to the high altitude first. I definitely should have listened, because the duration of my trip I was either light-headed or short of breath off and on. So, I started climbing and as I got halfway up, I started to think that maybe I should go back down. I waited for about 5 minutes and I saw a man and woman coming down asking if I was going up or going down.

Going up, I think.

The man laughed a bit and said, “Just take it about 20 steps at a time, and breathe.

I continue to go up and hear another couple behind me with a little girl who looks to be about five or so. She’s running up the stairs and honestly, I’m jealous. The couple is right behind her and I say, “I don’t remember ever being able to tackle steep stairs like that“.

They laugh and say the same. I stand where I am for a minute while they go up after me. 10 minutes later, I make it to the top. Well, besides the rocks you have to carefully climb to make it to the “point” of the pyramid. At this point, I feel like I’ve made it to the top and will just take some video until the last man that I passed (with the woman and child) says “Hey, do you want me to help you up?“. I say no, and stand there. About 2-3 minutes later, he says, “Let me help you up. Take my arm.” and he comes down towards me.

I did it. I had made it to the top. This was more than just a hike. I had tried to do something that I hadn’t done before. With a little encouragement, from friendly strangers, I had done it. We are our own worst critics — always. I climbed a pyramid that was over 200 feet tall. I went on a solo trip where I barely knew the language. I could surely make it through a heartbreak, if we want to call it that.

I left Mexico City with so much more than I went with. I pushed myself even more out of my comfort zone than I thought I would. As I was sitting on the plane waiting for take off, to go back home, I thought about right before I left New York. I had gotten dropped off by my Uber at the wrong terminal and needed to get to a shuttle to take me to the correct one. There were other people doing the same right behind me, one was a guy who started chatting me up. He asked what I did, where I was from, the usual. I did the same. The conversation was consistent. It was good.

My stop was coming to get off the shuttle and he asked if I had a card, I did not. I guess that’s what guys ask when they’re not sure if you’re single or not. I give him my phone so he can add me on social, but my phone isn’t loading to add him. I screenshot it and say I’ll add him when I have better reception. I add him later, then quickly removed it.

Some people are meant to come into your life and make you take life changing trips, and others are great for a short conversation to your airport terminal.


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