New Gig, Who Dis? Pt. 2

When I got to New York, I promised myself that I would at least wait six months before applying to another job.

I was comfortable with the company I was with, and that was the problem. I was grateful that they gave me the opportunity to keep my job and work remotely. Well, obviously I didn’t want a new job that bad because 18 months later I was still at the same company. Only difference was that I was in a new role.

The new year started, so it was time to either refresh my vision board or write down a few 2018 goals. One of the items on the list was to relocate. I wasn’t sure I wanted to, I just thought my time was up here. I wasn’t commuting, so I felt trapped in my apartment. Of course, I could leave out sometimes but it’s great in the beginning. If you’re not forced out, to get daily (or almost daily) human interaction, you won’t do it. I also was thinking that I missed how I lived in Chicago. You know, when you could afford something nice if you’re making a decent amount of money. Like, just to not have a roommate or be able to afford a one bedroom (or studio) that’s not the size of a box. Yeah. I also hadn’t found a job. That was literally the only way I was staying here.

So I gave myself a deadline. If I didn’t get a job offer before June 1st, I was going to ride out the summer, quit my PT job, and move in October. I used LinkedIn Premium, the free trial, then I purchased 2 or 3 months. Each time I thought I was close to an offer, I would cancel it so it wouldn’t renew. When I didn’t get it, I would start up again. I had phone interviews, in-person interviews, recruiters cold calling me, the whole nine. I applied to jobs every single day as long as there was something to apply to. If I wasn’t applying, I was looking at jobs to save to apply to a day or two later. I’ll clarify on my search. I wasn’t looking for just any job, I was choosing something that I believed I would enjoy. It had to be something I could learn from and contribute to.

It got to be May 1st and I was tired. Exhausted. How could I not have a new job by now? I had the skills. I also thought maybe these recruiters could smell the fear on me. I was scared to start something new. Now that I’m in something new, it’s still scary. Proving yourself can be tough, you don’t want to mess up. Things that may not be a big deal to them, is a big deal to you. It’s a challenge. Anyway…so I had been working with one recruiter for over a month. I didn’t think I was getting this job because interviews were so spread out, then there would be days that there wouldn’t be an update. I went to a friend’s wedding and had the final interview when I got back in town, another phone interview. The next evening, I talked to the person that would be my manager. At this point, it’s May 30th and I’m browsing Chicago neighborhoods and my mind is in Chicago already. Companies had called me that week and I was done interviewing, so I told them I wasn’t interested.

May 31st is here. The last day before I say “Forget it”. I’m annoyed. I get up in a bad mood, so I meditate. It works and I push the job offer out of my mind. Yeah, the one I don’t have. I’m working my PT job after work that evening so I use my lunch hour to try to take a nap. Right before I roll over, my phone rings and it’s the recruiter with an offer. At 11a/12p, 12 hours before my official deadline. I couldn’t believe it. I looked it over, asked some questions, and accepted later that day. If there was ever a sign for me to stay in New York, that was it. There was no way I wasn’t going to listen to that.

I ended up giving three weeks notice, and at the end of that, going on a weeklong birthday trip that just so happened to be planned at that time. It ended up being my Congratulations to myself. It took longer than I wanted, but I did it.

Know your worth (and add tax + gratuity).

Work for it (like you have a deadline).

Ask for what you want (and don’t bend because they intimidate you).

Bet on yourself (because who else will?).

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