New Gig, Who Dis?

So, if you’re lucky enough to be friends with me on Facebook, you saw that I recently got a new gig. I have a pretty loyal background when it comes to my career – gift and curse.

So, right out of college, I had this terrible job. Whew, chile. It was horrible, but I’m grateful because I had moved to Chicago with no job (what happened to this Stefanie?) and took some money I had from working 3 jobs that prior summer to set out on my journey. People always ask how I did it and I honestly don’t know. I didn’t have fear then, which is nuts. I think it’s that I thought I had nothing to lose. Some may say, “Oh yeah, you knew you could go back home”. Truth is, I didn’t think that. I knew nothing past “I’m going to make it here and it will be wonderful.” That was until I was boo-hoo crying in the shower one morning a couple days (unbeknownst to me) before I was offered this job that I speak of. When they called and offered it to me, I said yes so fast. Rent was due about a week later, and I didn’t have it. My roommate at the time was a great friend and we got through that together. I promised myself I would never do that again. I’ve kept my promise, so far.

Then about 10 months later, I slid myself into another company. Global. More structured, but ‘laxed. I liked it, liked the people, but I knew the role I got hired for wasn’t my ending point and that’s what I told the interviewer who would be my manager. She always says she remembers that I told her I wanted the job so I could get into the company. Honesty has gotten me so far when it comes to the job market, but has also hindered me I’m sure. I got the job and then worked in two other roles which had me there for a month shy of six years. That’s unheard of for people my age. There wasn’t a reason for me to leave though.

3 1/2 years in, I talked to some people about moving to New York. I knew it was something I wanted to do and needed a push. I didn’t want to move without a job, again. Chicago almost broke me, New York couldn’t be any better. I got a nudge from my first manager at the company who told me, “You better do it while you’re still young.” So, I talked to my manager at the time and she didn’t see a problem with it (and me being able to keep my job). She put together a PowerPoint to present to her manager with pros and cons. This is why it’s always good to have a good network, it doesn’t have to be big. I HATE networking when it feels forced. She knew my work ethic and did the work for getting me approved to move. A couple weeks later, I was approved, but they weren’t paying for it. Of course, and I didn’t expect them to.

I picked up two PT jobs and worked those until right before I moved. I ended up flying to NY twice to find a place. A great friend of mine, kind of like a mentor to me, offered to help me move to NY. We packed whatever would fit into an SUV and drove overnight to the Big Apple. This, was my beginning of NY. Even with the 2 extra jobs, it still wasn’t enough money. So, I thought of my options and decided to take from my 401k. It wasn’t a lot, but that wasn’t to be touched. I had gone through all of the extra working and thinking this was going to work, money was not stopping me at that point when I had it available. Of course, I did NOT want to touch it, but I was moving to New York.

Part Two Coming Soon…

One thought on “New Gig, Who Dis?

  1. Miranda Powell

    I just did the same thing! I quit Advahell, took from my 401k to support myself through the end of the year, and I’m working with a LinkedIn premium rep to get something better. It was time to bet on myself! Congrtuagain on the new gig!


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