…to Fall in Love

So, this is going to sound very ironic, but I’m mourning a “break-up”. The irony is, I was never in a relationship. How does that work, you say? Okay…

So these situationships that we put ourselves in that never go anywhere, right? We all know those. Whether it’s the other person who doesn’t want to move forward, or it being you because you know they can’t handle all that you have to offer. They’ve given you signs that they’re just not for you, plus more.

I’m not going to base this on any specific gender, because it happens to everyone. As a woman, though, I’d like to say “Well, as women we…”. I won’t. As humans, we want to please. When we see something we want, sometimes we alter ourselves, even if it’s just 1% to be what that person would want. Why do you think we ask “What do you look for in a relationship?”, or just “What are you looking for?”.

It’s like a job interview. You see what this job looks like on the outside and you become interested. You go for the first interview hoping it’s what you thought it was by the job description, and it is. Now, you’re in a situation where you just don’t want to mess this up. During this time, you’re being interviewed (courted) when things continue to go well. Sometimes during these job interviews, since they have like 3-5 now *rolls eyes in disgust*, you find out in the process that this isn’t going to work for you. Do you leave the process that you’ve invested in? You should, but you may not. You want to see it play out. This is where things go wrong.

I’ve been watching a lot of Sex & The City lately. I’ve started from the beginning again. You know Mr. Big? Agh…I know the type all too well. I literally yell and roll my eyes at Carrie when she continues to let him in her life. Then, I look at myself and think, “*side-eye* You did it, too.” Friends are the best things to have before, during, and after someone leaves your life – or you leave them. Not quite sure what I would do without mine.

Thoughts to pages.

Until Next Time… #VisionBoardLiving


Carrie: …why’d you move to New York?

Louise: …to fall in love.

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