My First International Trip – Guadeloupe!

I’m about two months late posting on this, but it’s here. ha!

So, yall. My college friends always said that they will never go out of the country with me, especially with me going to the Caribbean, because I LOVE Caribbean men. Like, it’s crazy. The first thing any of my friends ask when I say I’ve met someone is, “So, where is he from?” 😂 If he just so happened to be born in NY, his parents weren’t. Look, I can’t help it.

So, I went to Guadeloupe (part of the French Caribbean) and it was A M A Z I N G. Two of my fave NY peeps, Kim and JoAnna, said about 5 months prior that they would get me out of the States. This was after they found out that I had never been out of the US.  Unfortunately, my spirit twin Kim, was not able to go but JoAnna was so we planned our trip to go and not really “plan” anything.

We go to Guadeloupe and get there late, then go out and it’s okay. We’re not feeling the tourist area, but we stay for a good minute  and then we head to the beach the next day. We meet a couple people, a guy, to be specific that’s very important to the rest of our time there.

Carnival was coming up for them so every Sunday leading up to it, they have a big parade. So, that night we linked up with him and he took us around to the action. That had to be my favorite night we were there. It was so great to see another culture up close. I see pictures and all of that all the time, but being there was a great experience. I danced in the street, literally, like no one was watching. Well, as soon as we found somewhere to park.

Our last day, we went to explore a bit more. Jo loves hiking, I do not lol, so we compromised and found a spot where we could do a little hiking. Our last night, we met three dope women from Virginia that joined us on a wild last night to remember. What happens in Guadeloupe, stays in Guadeloupe. Ha!

So, to the food. I’m a super picky eater, but the food wasn’t something I would pick as my favorite part. Other Americans said the same, so I figured maybe we’re just used to different things (and I think because my taste buds aren’t used to having everything so fresh – *sigh*). It is the French Caribbean, so lots of pizza shops. I will say, since everyone spoke French, every time we ordered from somewhere we never knew what we would end up with.

While I’m on that, shoutout to Google Translate. We would not have experienced as much without it and the locals appreciated that we didn’t try to “force” them to speak English. In general, everyone was really nice including our AirBnB host. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my first time out of the country!

I have my next trip booked and I’ve caught the travel bug, bad! 😩

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