Happy 2018!

So, we see another year. New goals that we may (or may not) follow through with. People we’ve decided to “keep” in our lives (or not). Gym memberships we’ll use until right after Valentine’s Day. All jokes aside…

I think New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day (yes, I grouped them together) is my favorite holiday. It’s starting over. Yeah, we know we can start over each day, each minute, every week. The thing is, the new year is actually something that’s celebrated. I’m so here for it.

For me, it’s a time for reflection. I love looking back on the past year at things I’ve accomplished. It gets me super motivated for the upcoming year. This year is different though. This year was my first full year as a New Yorker. It felt like more than one year, maybe five. This year I practiced doing things because I wanted to. I say practiced, which means I don’t have it all perfected yet, but I’m close.

I’ve met people who’ve motivated me to start going for more of the goals I’ve always wanted to achieve. The reason why I didn’t do it before? Fear. Just plain procrastination. The saying is true that you should surround yourself with those that have a similar mindset. That’s NOT to say to just drop those who don’t. There’s knowledge in knowing people from all walks of life and those who just want different things. My point is, I’ve found it to be a little more seamless when you have people who also have a set of goals that you all can support each other on that are somewhat similar. Sometimes those that you can tag team on.

Issa Rae said in an interview (which she credits to an interview done by Insecure writer, Amy Aniobi) I saw this past year, that people focus so much on networking up rather than across. Those are the people who are just as hungry as you. It’s so true. We always think we HAVE to get a big name to help with something (which, don’t get me wrong, is great), but what about your friend that you see all the time that wants the same thing?

I get excited every time I start something new, but I’m so excited for this New Year. I hope you are too. Remember, make every day, week, month and year count.


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