I might be a Cougar, ya’ll.

So, I think I’m an ageist.

Let me clean that up. I’m an ageist when it comes to men I date. They can’t be “too old or too young”. I really didn’t date in Chicago.

Scratch that.

I didn’t date at all in Chicago. Reasons of mostly my own. When I got to NYC I said I would put myself out there to date and I’ve been successful (humble brag). I’ve learned a lot of what I like, what I don’t like, what’s “not that bad”, and what’s definitely out of the question.

One thing I’ve been really critical of is age. I would give myself a small window of maybe…30-33 (I know, I know). Depending, I would go higher in age (not that high), but never lower. I did not want to date someone my age, and definitely not younger.

So, let me try to put some logic to this. I always thought at an age older than me, the guy would be winding down (not all, of course) and kind of figuring out what he wants to do so that would be less time he’d try to play around as far as career goals. That obviously wasn’t working for me (and it helped that I have a friend that gets on me EVERY TIME I say “omg, but he’s 28!”). She then says, “Wait…aren’t you 28 too?” *sigh*

So, I’ve opened up the pool a bit and even went on a date with someone younger than me recently which turned out not to be so bad.

I guess in all actuality I’m not a cougar, but that’s what I’ve been calling myself for weeks now. ha!

They say that one thing you’re hung up on is what you’ll have in your future mate. So, I guess my future husband is somewhere at a club sneaking in personal bottles of Patron getting shit faced. *sigh* Why? ‘Cause he just turned 21. 😩

Me: So, um…how old are you?

Him: How old do I look?

Me: Uh…28?


Me: Really?!

Him: Yeah…is that a problem?

Me: Uh…no? I don’t think so…

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