My “Hella Perspective”.

Shoutout to “Insecure” for making me reflect on my own “mistakes” (in quotes, because are they really mistakes if we learned from them?) AND successes. If you haven’t watched this show, you should definitely check it out.

I’m gonna be real.

I’ve lost a friendship or two in the past and will probably (hopefully not) go through it in the future. I find that this ALWAYS happens when I start to be my true self and do things that I enjoy rather than what someone else wants, among other things that may look “selfish”. It’s true, I should’ve done this all along, but there are many reasons why I have or haven’t. We’ll save that for a book or something. 😉

I can absolutely speak up when it comes to guys I’m dating. Friends? Not so much, because they’re hard to come by, but…

I’m gonna be real.

My girls in NY and I joke about how you will either leave New York stronger or jaded. It’s definitely made me stronger. No matter how much I say one day I will leave, that time hasn’t come…yet. Who knows when it will be? I will say that it’s FINALLY opened my eyes to a lot and forced me to remove things that just don’t make me happy. I find myself practicing self-care way more than ever, because that is truly the best care. How can you help anyone else when you’re all over the place? It’s also opened me up to reflect and reconnect with people that I haven’t talked to in a while. I am loving this person that this city is allowing me to be – unapologetically.

I’m gonna be real.

I may not be the same person that I was last year, but I was in another environment then. That was before New York got ahold of me. LOL.

I’m gonna be real.

I can’t please everyone anymore. You shouldn’t either (I know I’m not the only one). You will definitely lose things, but you’ll gain something so much more powerful – perspective.

*cue SZA’s “Go Gina”* Well…’cause that’s my life.


Me: Well, I don’t write a lot. I have a lot of things I want to write about, but I don’t  because of what people will think.

Him: What’s the point in having it (referring to my site) if you don’t write what you want?

I thought about that simple statement, everyday, for almost two weeks. Now here we are.


“You stand your ground. ‘Cause I feel the same way. If you don’t like me, you don’t have to fool with me – but you don’t have to talk about me or treat me mean. I don’t have to treat you mean. I just stay out of your way. That’s the way we work that one.”


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