3 Things We’re Discussing from Last Week.

(1) T***p. (Still can’t seem to spell the whole name out…) 

When he was elected, many said, “Well, what’s the worst he could do? He still has to answer to someone”. He’s playing show and tell now. He was in NY last week telling officers they don’t have to be “gentle” with prisoners when putting them in the back of squad cars and then banning folks from serving our country? As many people that DON’T want to/wouldn’t do it, you’re stopping those that do?Agh… #TransPeopleAreNotABurden

(2) It’s okay to let people go. 

A conversation was sparked about this while I was out having dinner with friends. Someone mentioned how downright rude someone they called a friend had been to them. Then it made me think about my own relationships I have or have had with people, in general. I try to hold on to relationships because they are important to me. Not to just have as many people around me as possible, but because GOOD relationships, friendships specifically, are hard to come by. Then I had to question myself, what happens when it’s just not fun anymore? When you’re just not on the same page at all? Is it worth it or should you just remember the good times and keep it moving?

(3) It’s okay to cry. 

I saw the featured image for this post on social media last week and thought, wow – this is so true. We are seen as strong women and when things go wrong, we’re expected to just figure it out and keep it moving. Some of us live up to this, and end up holding it in for so long that it destroys us. The reality is, why should it be this way? Why do you feel like, at that moment, you just couldn’t cry it out and “get back to bidness”? We can’t hold it in ladies. Sometimes you need a good cry to move on.


Him: Yeah, I’m used to him just standing me up. He’ll just do it and then we’ll talk days later like nothing happened. I don’t really care. He’s still my best friend though.

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