Tyrese was on one last week…

By now, we’ve all heard of the Tyrese shenanigans he laid on us last week. If not, see below.

Photo Credit: TSR

That was just, uh, mean. What?! This is the same guy who stole our hearts with “Sweet Lady” and other love ballads, but lately (last few years) he’s been losing his touch. I just can’t fathom how men can tell women how to be women, but hey..
So, I first saw this when a friend commented on a link that caused a bit of a debate. A snippet of her response was:

“I personally don’t take issue with any man that doesn’t like enhanced women, whether it be makeup or cosmetic surgery. What bothers me is that men can’t see that women are doing these things because they see MEN glorifying it. One minute natural his is ugly, next minute it’s real and beautiful. One minute having a big ass is beautiful, next week having a gym body is and ass shots are too fake. Men set the standard and then change up 2 weeks later. IDK, personally I ain’t changing shit, better like me the way I am, but a lot of women don’t feel the same.”

This was EVERYTHING! I wholeheartedly agree. Now I’m not going to play the blame game, but like she said, SOME women do these things to please what’s “in” and what a man will find appealing. Yes, our taste in what we want in our significant other changes, but this much?

You know I always have a dating story..

So, I was dating this guy a couple of months ago. He was cool. Nice conservation. When we first met, he said that he liked it better when women didn’t wear makeup. He went on about how he liked natural women and how he loved and appreciated women who wore their natural hair. Specifically shouting out my twist out that I was rocking at the time.

That was cool with me because I choose not to. I may put on some lip color I found at MAC and loved, but that’s on occasion.

On our 2nd date he started telling me I should get locs. I had thought about it before, but I wasn’t getting them for him. Later in the conversation, he says “We need to sex you up a bit.”

A few things went through my head, the biggest one being:

I’m confused on why we’re on a second date when you obviously do not like me.  🤔

Obviously, that was the last time I saw him. I spent too many years when I was younger having low self-esteem, I’m not about to let some random try to change me. Thanks, but no thanks.


Him: What are you doing?

Me: Twisting my hair.

Him: I have so much respect for ya’ll who do that. The natural thing.

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