“Would You Mind Sending A Couple of Pics?”

[insert rolling eyes emoji here] Yes, I actually would mind.

I’m convinced there’s a yearly convention held to discuss the new “rules” of the dating game. Men only.

So, you know when you’ve been out and maybe turnt (no typo) up too early in the night so you exchange numbers with someone and forget what they look like? I get that. I guess.

What I don’t get is someone asking for pics who I’ve met while they were working, because obviously you weren’t drunk or in any other situation as such.

I made a post about this on Facebook, which made me want to write this post. Then, a couple of weeks after that, I met a guy who I had a great conversation with. He gave me an answer and it was pretty simple. He asked, “When they usually ask is it out of the blue?” I laughed histerically because it was true. Then he goes on to say, “They probably just didn’t have anything else to say. It’s kind of a knee jerk reaction.”

What?! 😳 If there is any truth to this, we’ve been looking at it all wrong ladies. Of course, we know this isn’t everyone’s reasoning.
At any rate, we then continued our 2-hour conversation about any and everything. Oh, and he didn’t ask for a pic – ha!


Him: Competitive is my middle name. What would you say is your forte? The one thing you haven’t been beaten at?

Me: Honestly? Life. 

Him: I was expecting you to say Checkers or something lol.

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