He’s Just Not That Into You.

I moved to Chicago in August of 2011, jobless. It worked out though. That’s another story for another day. About a month or so later after being offered a position, I met a co-worker, turned friend. She was about 8 years older than me. It’s usually that way when I click with people who I didn’t meet in college (or beforehand).

I was “talking to”(i.e. Playing the “pen pal” game) this guy at our job (first mistake) and he was older, so he was running circles around this young 20-something (me). 😐 Anyway, this went on for a couple of months and one day while talking to my friend she said, “Have you ever seen that movie He’s Just Not That Into You?” I hadn’t. I didn’t get her “hint” and shortly after, she asked again and I watched it.

Oh. Yeah, I was going about this all wrong. I don’t remember a lot of the movie, because I only watched it once. What I do remember is understanding why she wanted me to see it. There’s no way I would’ve taken her just saying, “He’s just not that into you.” to me. Ha! Now I won’t say I don’t find myself in similar situations, you don’t think I just pulled this post out of the sky, right? 😊

So, stop making excuses for them. No, he/she isn’t that busy. (Yes, men go through it too.) No, they didn’t look at your text and forget to text back (every time). I’d need a couple more pages to get all the excuses out that I’ve heard from my friends that they’ve been told – men and women, and even myself. Lol. If you have to guess whether or not they’re interested, they may not be.

Him: I don’t understand why people go ghost. Like, why not just tell me you’re not interested anymore?

Me: Well, because they’re cowards.

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