Women’s March NYC

So, I went to the Women’s March in NYC this past weekend and I’m so glad I did. This was a first for me, and it definitely won’t be my last (march of any kind). I was very conflicted by different posts that I saw leading up to the event. Specifically those where African-American women said they were going to sit this one out. I was crushed. Why? Some of the points were valid and I definitely understood. The biggest one? 53% of Caucasian women voted for him. Agh…

I TOTALLY get it. Just as some women said they weren’t going, but they supported those who did – I was opposite. I was going, but I supported the opinions of those who didn’t.

The march was very peaceful. At least from what I saw when I was there. It took about 5 hours from start to finish, even though it was only a couple of blocks. The start and stop of the huge crowd led to this, but it was perfectly fine with me.  There was a guy who threw down flowers from his balcony lol – very cute! The signs were VERY creative. I wish I could’ve caught more.

Photo credit: Muah!

I saw a few news articles saying that the marches all over created record breaking numbers. Hopefully at least half of those who were out there will show up for Black Lives Matter. There were a few Black Lives Matter signs in the crowd, more than I thought I would see. The turnout of men was incredible! My heart smiled.

Let’s see how this goes…


Him: There’s not enough woke women [that he meets], or they’re pretending to be.

Me: Well, how woke do they have to be? Activists or just knowledgeable?

Him: Knowledgeable. Just not ignorant to what’s going on.

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