Shoot Your Shot – #LyftChronicles

So, remember that hilarious story on Buzzfeed where the girl said she forgot her charger so that she could ask her Uber driver out? If you don’t, you can read it here.

Well, shoutout to her because I was feeling a little inspired and did the same thing. 😏 I will say one thing about New York, I’m more “bold” here. For lack of better words.

I was going to someone’s house for a get together. You know – drinks, food, and conversation. When it popped up on my phone who would be picking me up, I did think to myself, “Hm…he’s kinda cute.” I get downstairs and I try to look at him through the mirror without being too obvious 😐.

We have a pretty good conversation about New York and just regular stuff. He continues to ask what I’m doing after the party, it’s pretty early, around 7 so I didn’t know if I would be there a long time. I told him that and he just say “Oh.”

I then thought, “Okay, maybe you’re picking up on the wrong signals.” because I DEFINITELY thought he was going to ask for my number. I get to my destination and we both do this long “Okay well..have a nice too..enjoy the party…enjoy driving.” type thing, and still nothing.

I walk into the party and I’m kind of thinking about this and how I should’ve just told him to take my number. I’ve done it out before, just not to a driver lol. So, that’s when the story popped in my head and I went to the app and said I lost something so that he could call me back. 🤔 Less than 10 minutes later, I see a random number call me. (This isn’t new because I don’t save numbers until you’re kind of important, but that’s another story for another day).

So when I answer the phone he doesn’t say “Oh yeah I didn’t find your lost item.” or anything. So I have to just dive in to what I want.

Me: So um..I didn’t lose anything. Sorry to waste your time. Can I be direct?

Him: Yeah, sure, what’s up?

Me: Are you single? 

Him: Yeah, I am.

Me: Well, since we already have each other’s numbers now, we should use them. (Insert the most nervous laugh ever here)

Him: Oh yeah, definitely!

Then he started saying that after he dropped me off he kept thinking about how he should’ve just asked me. He said he didn’t though because, “you looked like a good girl and wouldn’t talk to a rough guy like me.” 😐 (This is also another story for another day. I ALWAYS get this, ugh.)

It’s still up in the air when/if we’ll link up, but the moral of the story is “Shoot your shot.” 🏀 Ha!


Him: You’re intimidating that’s why is hard to approach you. Not mean. Like, you look like you have your stuff together. You’re a challenge. It’s not a bad thing.

Me: Oh. 😐

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