New Year. Same Goals.

Happy New Year beautiful people!

So, I made this blog to do a lot of things:

  • Have an outlet
  • Share my New York life
  • Make myself (and someone who may be reading) “honest” in chasing their dreams/meeting their goals.

I’m sure there are other reasons, but those are the most important.

This week, I received a notification of the vision board that I made in 2014 that I posted (the one at the top of my main page). Look, it took me SO long to finally start/finish it. I started it in January of 2013 and forgot about it, then tried again and actually finished. Partly because I’m a procrastinator, but that’s another story…

So it’s been three years. THREE. There are a few things I was able to check off. Like, getting my passport. Oh, and my move to NYC! 😊😊 Others, I need to work on, like fitness for one 😴. I think that’s everyone’s on and off boyfriend – we have such a love/hate relationship. Lol.

I think I’m turning this into a 5 year board. As I’m writing, I’m looking over to see which goals I’ll focus more on this year. One is definitely traveling. Also, making sure I actually add blog posts. 🙂

This will be a mix of everything – daily life, inspiration, goal checks, dating fiascos (of course!), and anything else I think is relevant (or not). Ha!

Him: Competitive is my middle name. What would you say is your forte? The one thing you haven’t been beaten at?

Me: Honestly? Life. 

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