Hardly Home – Always Reppin’.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that my HOMETEAM – Cleveland, OH – won their first NBA Championship! This is huuuuuuge for the city, and as everyone is saying, “If you’re not from Cleveland, you won’t understand”. It’s all true. To be clear, which I have to tell everyone, I’m a CAVS fan. I don’t have a favorite player so I’m not a die hard LeBron fan. I’m glad that he came back and helped the team get a championship, you can’t deny that he is a great player.

Like every other Clevelander, I cried. Hard. I’m talking newborn baby cried. Actually, more like Tyronn Lue. My friend called me yelling and saying “Yaaaay your CAVS won girl!” Then, I cried again. My tear ducts need a break. Also…seeing LeBron fall out. Goodness! I cannot take it!!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go back for the parade. I did stream it and went out on the NYC streets to celebrate wearing my Eastern Conference shirt from last year! I didn’t get a pic 😞, I was too busy on the hunt for Cleveland food in NYC. More specifically a polish boy.

If you’re a Cleveland Native living in NY, you should definitely check out At The Wallace in Harlem. From what I hear, it’s owned by a Cleveland native. There were Cleveland jerseys there when I went, so I guess it’s true. They were playing the games during the finals, unfortunately I didn’t hear about them until after Game 7.

On the menu, they have polish boys! Well, OK. Huge preface here, as close as you’re going to get to a Cleveland polish boy. I think if I had regular fries other than waffle fries (that’s all they had) on top which makes ALL the difference, it would’ve been okay. Oh, and of course KIM’s sauce. 😋😋 Agh..oh well. Also, I always eat mine without coleslaw, so you won’t see any on mine below.

From At The Wallace.
What I was hoping for…

I did like the atmosphere, they have life-sized Jenga and board games! If you’re feeling like a rebel, you can use one of the markers in the bathroom to write on the bathroom wall. I’m just assuming that’s what they were there for…I would definitely go back again for everything else.

Anyway…Congrats CAVS!!! Alllll the way from NY!

“We’re in Cleveland, nothing is easy here.” – Coach David Blatt (Former CAVS head coach)
Photo Credit: @cavs Instagram

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