Hardly Home – Always Reppin’.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that my HOMETEAM – Cleveland, OH – won their first NBA Championship! This is huuuuuuge for the city, and as everyone is saying, “If you’re not from Cleveland, you won’t understand”. It’s all true. To be clear, which I have to tell everyone, I’m a CAVS fan. I don’t have a favorite player so I’m not a die hard LeBron fan. I’m glad that he came back and helped the team get a championship, you can’t deny that he is a great player.

Like every other Clevelander, I cried. Hard. I’m talking newborn baby cried. Actually, more like Tyronn Lue. My friend called me yelling and saying “Yaaaay your CAVS won girl!” Then, I cried again. My tear ducts need a break. Also…seeing LeBron fall out. Goodness! I cannot take it!! Continue reading “Hardly Home – Always Reppin’.”

Welcome to the Concrete Jungle.

Well, I’m here. Didn’t quite think it would happen this way, or this fast (once I gave myself this final deadline), but who’s complaining? I’ve made many attempts to get here and none of them worked out quite right. Not until I just said “to hell with it”, did what I had to do, and  “jumped”. There’s a Steve Harvey video that you HAVE to watch – click here. I watched this a few times each month this year whenever I felt like giving up. Get your tissues ready, it’s definitely a tear jerker.

Continue reading “Welcome to the Concrete Jungle.”